Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beau-ism of the week

Yesterday I found a large coloring mark on the carpet in the living room.

I panicked.

We don't own this house and I have heard nightmares about the costs housing likes to stick you with upon leaving.

In a state of denial I tried brushing it away with my hand likes its a magic eraser.  Surprisingly that didnt work.

Then I tried vacuuming it up.  No luck.

I grabbed a wet towel and blotted like every carpet cleaning commercial tell you to.  Blotting doesn't work and its annoyingly slow.

Then I tried wiping with the cloth.  If blotting doesn't work, try wiping, I alway say.

Fast forward to me on my knees franticly scrubbing like its the blood of mine enemy's "Out damn spot!" (ooh, Shakespeare reference, look at me)

It was no use. The spot is there to stay.

Then in my helpless disappointment I realize one of my little angels must have done this.  I was so worked up about getting the mark out that I didn't think about how it got there.  This wasn't some random act of accidental coloring.  This was a deliberate graffiti to my pristine carpets (this is a gross over statement, my carpets are one step above crack house at this point, but its my story so I will tell it how ever I wish).

I turn to see my little hellions are watching with wide eyes.  Alex is looking curious.  Beau...Beau is looking scared. It doesn't take a genius.

"Did you color on the carpet Beau?"

"I'm really sorry Mommy!"

"Why did you do that?"

She sighs, and with complete calmness says, (and I kid you not!)

"Its just because I love you so much I wanted to draw you a picture and I didn't have any paper."

Well played evil genius.  Well played.

Oh and Satan's minion is toothless and it is adorable/hilarious.

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