Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hmmm. A blog? What do I do now? I guess I am supposed to type something interesting, yes?

Sounds like a lot of work.


Surely you wouldn't expect such a feat.

Funny! Funnny could work.

Mmm, that might be a stretch for me too.

Why don't I just start slow, its not like anyone else will read this anyway. This is more a self journey to tell my girls about myself, their dad and themselves as these years fly by. Ok, why am I doing this? I read and follow a lot of blogs and just felt jealous that all these incredible people had documented so much of their lives. See every day of my life flies by faster than the previous, and before I know it I will have wasted years with nothing to show for it but an incredible useless knowledge of anything and everything reality TV related. So many wonderful things happen around us and we are missing an incredible opportunity to relive them later. I have lived a very interesting life thus far and it should be a fun ride to try this out. Well, lets see...

*and if anyone ever stumbles upon this, I am incredibly sorry, I am anything but eloquent and as you would soon find out, a bit strange :)

A little but about me...My name is Sara. My 2 girls call me Mom. I am almost 30! Maybe that's what this is, a pre-midlife crisis sort of thing.

OK Sara, That's just pathetic!

Funny thing is I dont feel old. At all. Really, not even a little. It still feels awkward to call myself a woman! Wasn't I still just a kid yesterday? And kids dont feel old! But I am a housewife and mother, that could age someone for sure! Ok focus! What can I say about me... a third person, Hollywood Narrator type thing seems fitting.

An Average California girl and a wholesome boy from the Midwest. They met, fell in love, had beautiful baby girls and lived happily ever after... except nothing is ever that simple. You see, that wholesome boy from the midwest is a Pilot in the US Air Force, and that California girl had to decide between a lifetime of wedded bliss with her soulmate or pursuing a struggling career as a TV Producer. She wisely chose happiness, uprooted her life and followed him around the world. Getting married and having babies may be the only ordinary things they ever did. They live a crazy life of fancy Air Force events, moving every few years and dealing with deployments. Behind all the chaos they are left holding hands and striving for something ordinary.

That sounded pretty good. It's not the whole truth, but in a "life story in a nutshell" type of way it will do.

I hope my girls enjoy this someday and its not too embarrassing for them, but they are girls and I am their mom, so the embarrassment is inevitable :)

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