Monday, August 23, 2010

For a laugh

Since I posted that daily show clip I decided to post another, but this time completely non-politics related.

Last week we lost our chocolate lab Chloe. She was a 14 year old sweetheart that we adopted a year ago when one of hubby's commanders was moving overseas and couldn't bring her. We brought her into our home and into our hearts. It was a sad day when it was decided that she was better off being put to sleep, but the really sad part was actually bringing her ailing self into the vet, signing away her life and saying goodbye for the last time. I had no idea just how much I would miss her and how much it hurt to say goodbye until it was time. Those adorable brown eyes looking into mine when I kissed her, scratched under her ear and removed her collar will be forever etched in my memory.

My girls had grown so attached to her in that short year and is was normal for them both to come screaming "Chwooowweee" out of their bedroom in the morning as they rushed to see her. Coming home and trying to explain that she was gone forever to them was equally as heart wrenching. I had prepared myself for all the toddler questions and had some good answers. I was prepared to repeat the line "she was real sick and had go to the doctors and wont be coming home anymore". I was ready for tears and not understanding.

What I got when I returned from the vet was a 3 year old that just said "yeah Chwowe real sick, she all done now".

Wow, that was easy!

Maybe this wouldnt be the big production I had dreaded. Maybe they would just understand and we could move on.

The next morning though, when they both ran to greet her in the kitchen I had to explain again. Still not sooo bad, they are kids after all.

Then again at lunch that day they called her name while looking in the backyard for her. Again I explained, and this time the answer changed to "Chloe was sick and remember I told you she isnt coming back home...ever again". That had to do it... how graphic would I have to be?

Fast forward to 2 days later of asking "where's Chwowee?" and me responding with "I told you, Chloe is gone! She isnt coming home ever again... ever"

It was at that moment that I was reminded of one the funniest moments of television that I have ever seen. It was an episode of Roseanne and Jackie is explaining to her deaf aunt on the phone that their father has died. I just had to laugh at the whole situation. I was trying to explain death to a 3 year old and a 16 month old... and I expected them to understand! It was all really funny and so because I think everyone needs a laugh here is the clip I was referring to. Enjoy!

3 minutes in is the phone call I was reminded of, but the whole clip is pretty funny :)

PS I do not think its funny that I had to put my dog to sleep, but come on people, this situation was funny!!!

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