Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One for the books

Throughout this whole move thing the girls have been angels! Seriously angels! Ali has been a bit clingy but that is too be expected when her whole world has been packed up and shipped out. They have been especially loving toward each other. I think they are really bonding through this.

The past few days ago were especially stressful for me. The moving schedule with 2 toddlers is not ideal by any means, especially not by yourself. My daily routine was to wake up at 6:30, get the girls dressed and fed by 8:00 so we could get to the CDC by 8:30. Then rush back to the house to meet the movers who will be waiting for me so they can finish packing up the house. Make phone calls to cancel utilities here and set up arrangements in Hawaii, clean the house, and pack our suitcases until 1:00 when the movers take their lunch break. Rush to the CDC to get the girls and get back at the house where the movers will be waiting for me to finish packing up the house. Keep the girls out of the way and out of trouble for 5 more hours until the movers call it a day and we can leave to go to our hotel room. Rush to get dinner made, feed the girls and get them bathed and in bed before meltdown hits at 7:30. Crash in front of the TV for a few hours until it feels safe to sneak in the bedroom and sleep next to a kicking, thrashing, restless sleeping 3 year old. Hope to get 6 hours of sleep until the alarm goes off to do it all again.

Well after 3 days the girls were familiar with the routine and were catching their stride. Ali wasnt crying when I dropped her off anymore and that made the rest of the day seem so much easier (for both of us I'm sure).

This one particular day I showed up at the CDC to pick up the girls as usual and Ali was all smiles. She ran to me at the door, waved goodbye to her all her new friends and ran eagerly to her sisters classroom. We walked in and Beau was happily playing in the play kitchen teaching her doll to cook (adorable!). She had her back to us but Ali quickly spotted her and shouted "Beau". B turned and with a huge smile hugged her sister and I. She told us all about her day and wanted to show us all her new friends. The girls were quite chipper as we walked to the car, they held hands and giggled the whole way.

The giggling continued as I buckled them into their car seats. Beau started telling Ali what she was cooking for dinner and Ali just wanted to see Beau. As we were driving away I looked in the mirror to see them both leaning as far over in their car seats as they can to hold hands. Those tiny little arms and hands, stretched across the seat toward each other has got to be one of the cutest pictures ever! And as if that werent cute enough they topped it off with...

Beau: "Oh Alex, thank you so much for coming to get me from school and calling my name, it was magical!"
Alex: "I love you Beau"

My heart melted, it was hilarious and genuine, sweet and so childlike. It was definitely one for the books :) Kind of makes my stressful day seem ok.


Emma said...

Wow! Almost too good to be true, its wonderful you are recording all this.

Discussion group #1 said...

Those girls are too precious and I miss them so much! You really have raised some great young little ladies:)