Monday, February 21, 2011

We made it!!!

We made to Hawaii!

It was a very long 8 1/2 hour flight but we all survived :) With the time difference it was a bit tough on the girls. We landed at 6:00pm Hawaii time which was 10:00pm Oklahoma time! They were exhausted to say the least!

They both fell asleep in the car on the 10 minute drive to the hotel and we went got them out to check in there were two very different responses.

Ali jumped up and started running. Seriously. She went from passed out from pure exhaustion to running as fast as her chubby little legs would carry her. All with the biggest smile. I guess she was just happy to be off that plane.

Beau on the other hand, well, I think this picture of her in the hotel lobby speaks for itself.

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Location:Honolulu, HI

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