Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shut the front door

I'm not sure where kids learn it but after the age of 2 they all freak out when anyone says "shut up". Someone is teaching them this and it certainly wasn't me. Not that I condone it, but come on, it's the least insulting S word I can't think of.

I never told my girls it was a bad word, and I have never used it towards them, but that doesn't stop them from verbally reprimanding me when I bust out a Cali girl-esque "shut up!!". I immediately have to apologize and pinky promise to never say it again. I always say it again. And they never miss a slip up.

It's getting old.

Dang kids watch me like a hawk.

Yesterday, the girls were watching some cartoon while I zoned out on the couch in a magical world of werewolves courtesy of some smut novel I am currently reading.

Mother-of-the-year I know.

One character shouted for someone to "shut up" and of course the girls freaked out.

B: "Mom!!! She said shut up!"

A: "Momma!!! She's a bad girl! She said shut up!"

Me: "Ok girls. She's bad. Life will go on."

B: "Yeah Alex, it's ok."

A: "No! It's a BAD word!"

B: "But it's only bad sometimes."

A: "Yeah, like, Mommys can say it. But you can't Beau. And I can't say it eiber (either).

B: (giggling) "Yeah cause Mom says it all the time."

A: (giggling) "Yeah. She's a stinker. Daddy should spank her."

B: "Yeah. Daddy saids mom likes spankings"

Me: "Ok! Who wants a Popsicle?!"

I really should stop saying "shut up".

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