Friday, April 19, 2013

So, this is what's been happening lately...

Have you ever been working on a post for your blog and after 600 words or so the app for your phone crashes and you lose all the work you just did?  So then you suck it up and try again, and its ok because it turns out the post was better the second time?  So you are about to post it and the app crashes again, losing everything? Again?  So you decide to try ONE LAST TIME, but quick and easy, just pictures, no words?  And it crashes again?  So then you decide maybe a little break from the blog is warranted?  No?  Well that happened to me, so yes a little break was warranted :)

But I should now post what I missed, from the iMac of course.... So, this is what's been happening lately...

Spring break with Mark and Kathy was a blast!

I love those guys :)  The week was filled with garlic shrimp from Macky's, Whale watching, beach days, sweet potato fries from Wahoo's, Flying Dragon sushi roll from Roy's, getting lost in the world's largest maze (several times actually), moonlit walks on the beach, laughing at drunk idiots at the beach bar on St Patty's day, heated arguments over iPhones vs anything else, inebriated CrossFit tutorials, 4 little girls giggling together, 4 little girls crying together, and 4 adults laughing almost nonstop together for the first time in over 2 years.

2 little girls. Passed. Out.

Alex started swim lessons.  And finished them.

A rare photo of Alex getting her whole body wet.  
She has a remarkable ability to constantly maintain 
enough torque in her body to never fully submerge, its uncanny.

Fact: You must wear goggles in the pool, 
even if you never allow your head to go anywhere
 near the water.

No staged pictures this year.  
No smile for the camera.  
Just, "have fun, its Easter" :)

Me: "Dont you guys want to find eggs?"
Them: *silence
Me: "Ooook"

Playing with silly spray

"Mom, my spway is pink!"

Best family ever :)

posing with the creepy easter bunny that made 2 kids scream in terror

Beau is determined to get that egg.

This kid is still goofier than ever :)

Beau had a party at school.  I brought the mini terror along.  Because I thought the most likely result would be that Alex would throw a fit, kick or hit a kindergartener resulting in the kindergartener having to visit the nurse and then the other moms would never ask me to help out again.

Instead, they were both angels and everyone was asking my secrets for raising siblings who get along so well.  

We were given an open invitation back anytime.

Thanks Alex. Thanks for nothing.

Aww, but they are precious.

We still live in paradise and have friends who can see this sunset everyday.

Beau watched The Hobbit for the first time.
She jumped up and down and shouted "Shoot him in the wolf!" throughout the entirety of the final fight scene between Azog and Thorin.

Alex was less than impressed.

I think thats about all.

Oh. And of course this happened :)

I love that man of mine :)

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