Monday, May 20, 2013

Family Photos

Apparently I haven't posted since May 2nd.  Time flies when you are busy as hell.

With the end of the school year both girls have had parties, projects, and obligations.

Which means I have had parties, and projects, and obligations.

But we did find time to get some family photos taken!!!!

Here are my favorites :)

This kids 2 front teeth were hanging by a thread the whole time, the right one I had to keep pushing up.  Poor kid, but I wanted one last picture before we get months of nothing but toothless pics.

My eyes are weird in this, but my fam looks good so its still a fave.

I cant get enough of these daddy daughter pics!

I finally have a nice picture of me and my girls!

Hope you enjoyed these!  Our photographer was the fabulous Joy Jill Photography and if you are in the Honolulu area I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  You can find her at  You won't regret it, she is affordable, talented, and the girls just loved her.  Thanks Joy!