Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goals, an update

2 months ago I listed my goals to be achieved by my 33rd birthday. Surprisingly the things I thought were a long shot are progressing better than I imagined and other have completely stalled.

Here are my goals...

~ 33 second L-sits
{starting record was 5 seconds -good grief that is horrible - now up to 16 seconds!!!}

~ 33 double-unders
{starting record was 3 unbroken, now I'm up to 6. While the improvement isn't that great I can do 6 every time I try where as 3 was only done once. Plus there is the whole "I've had 2 kids and I live in a constant fear I will pee myself in front of strangers" thing. 6 seems to be where my bladder control slips so I haven't pushed it farther. There's a whole lot of information no one ever wanted to know right there.}

~ 3 unassisted pull-ups
{I am so close to getting my chin over the bar I can taste it!}

~ 33" box jump
{28" is still my max, I was too scurred to try 30" today :( }

~ 3 toes-to-bars

~ 3 handstand pushups
{I was convinced I would never get this. Happy to report today I did 5! With the aid of 2 abmats so I can't check this off the list yet}

~ Sub 9 minute 2000m row
{9:17 record. Haven't retested in over a month}

Oh, and I am currently doing another Paleo Challenge :)

1 comment:

A CocoBubba Life said...

I know that my days of 80 doubleunders unbroken are over after I push this kid out.
And HOLY CRAP HANDSTAND PUs. You go girlfriend. You go.