Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Baby is starting to talk! Sorta.

I knew this day would come eventually. We are at the terrible point in communication where Lele knows that there is a way to tell me what she wants but doesn't yet have the ability to do so. As we can all imagine, this is incredibly frustrating for her. She usually just points in some direction as a clue that she wants something and whines which then turns into throwing herself on the ground screaming when I didn't hand it to her immediately. This whole time I am usually offering everything in sight that was in the general direction of where she pointed.

It has a taken me a while to figure it out (much longer than necessary), but the thing she wants most is milk. Sometimes she runs up to me with an empty cup and I know she wants more milk. But usually I am only alerted when I hear her crying in the kitchen after she has been in there for who knows how long reaching for the counter.

A lot of these words aren't exactly clear to anyone but me and some she doesn't exactly "say", more like acts out. I tried to teach her sign language (and i am still trying) but she really has no interest. Every time I make a sign she turns her head away in defiance.

No seriously, she does. I can tell she is going to be a peach to work on homework with. And remind me to never even consider homeschooling that one!

But she is communicating a few words to me, and that is all that matters, I cant wait to expand this list.

Some words she is "saying" now at 13 months.

More-Pronounced Mo
Milk-Pronounced Ma or throws and empty cup at you, or screams in the kitchen
No-Pronounced Na with a defiant head turn away. She will then look from the corner of her eye to see if you are still looking, if so, she will do it again.
Yes-Never spoken it but claps, or nods her head up and down. The nod cant be done without her whole body bouncing a little, the whole thing is really more of a dance.
Chip-Pronounced Cheeb, she will copy anyone when they say it but never says it alone.
Cup-Pronounced Umm, repeated many many times. Never refers to it without it in hand or sight so it makes it pretty easy to understand.
Kiss-Pronounced Muah followed by an unmistakable pucker that is all bottom lip with her chin jutted out.

That's all for now, updates coming soon!

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