Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Traveling with Toddlers

Traveling with kiddos can always be hard. At times it gets so bad that you think to yourself "why do we ever try to leave the house?" But without putting up with those bad times you would miss out on the truly wonderful times. Times like...

It is around 12:30 am, we have been driving for 5 hours and B is still awake. I can tell she is getting close to sleep but it could still be an hour away. That is one thing that is truly amazing about that kid, she has the will power of an olympic athlete, if she wants to stay awake and watch mommy drive, then she will! And she is NEVER quiet, she may hush her voice because sissy and daddy are sleeping but she doesn't ever stop talking. And it rarely makes sense, mostly little stories to her self, singing, counting, occasional giggles and a million times she will say "Mamma, I not tired".

This night she is spouting off lyrics to songs one minute and the next she is counting...something. I tune out every once in a while because her hushed little voice would lull me to sleep easily if I would let it. I am pulled back into her conversation when I hear this half sung conversation.

"Mary had a little lamb... ten, eleven...twwwelve... white snoooow... fifteen, sixteen... sixteen... sixteen... .... .....sssixteen... ... ... ... ...sssssixteeeeeee"

I looked back to find her completely passed out.

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