Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Traveling with Toddlers, Part 2

Traveling with toddlers can have cute times and really bad times, this is one of those bad times.

While on the road, hubby and I got a craving for some ice cream. This happens often, I think it has something to do with living in England for 3 years and not having any opportunity for ice cream on a whim. They sell ice cream at the grocery stores but they have never even heard of an Ice Cream shop. And grocery stores were maybe the worst experiences of living there, it was rare if we found it worth the trauma of a quick stop for ice cream. We basically went without for 3 years.

Anyway, back to the ice cream. We quickly found and stopped at a Sonic. That is one thing I love about the midwest, there is a Sonic in every town. It would seem there is no population minimum, all you need are 2 houses and that is considered worthy of a sonic. We stopped the car and got an Oreo blast for hubby, a snickers blast for myself and a small ice cream cup for B (A would just take a few bites of mine). Sam and I were talking nicely in the front seat, enjoying our blasts while B is in her car seat going to town on her cup. A was enjoying her bites of mine, giving cute little "mmmm" sounds after each bite and cracking the biggest smile after we would laugh.

Sam: "Wow, she sure is happy"
Me: "I know, I guess she really likes ice cream!"

Suddenly, through the giggles in the back seat and our pleasant conversation in the front it hits us like a brick wall.

A smell so bad it caused us to cough a little. I quickly roll down my window, annoyed that hubby must have let one off in the car.

Sam: "What is that smell?"
Me: "I thought it was you"
Sam: "No, is that why you rolled down the window?"
Me: "Yeah"

For a brief second it hits us that we already know what that smell is... our eyes lock and we slowly turn to look in the back seat at the culprit.

There she is, my littlest angel.

The one I carried for 9 months in my belly. Had ripped from my abdomen by surgeons. Happily breast fed at 2 in the morning. Cuddled and rocked to sleep for hours. Kissed those kissable chubby cheeks and tickled that adorable little belly.

My Baby.

She is holding her legs high in the air with the biggest, happiest smile I have ever seen on another humans face. A smile of pure joy and happiness. A smile that still couldn't keep my eyes from focusing on the insane amount of poop flowing from her diaper onto her seat.

It was everywhere, up her legs, on her clothes and shoes, hands, seat... EVERYWHERE!

We were in complete shock for a second. What do you do in that situation?! We cant just throw the kid, car seat and all her clothes in the trash like we secretly wanted.

After staring at her poop covered smiling self for a few seconds longer than necessary we both chuckled nervously and got to work. I cleaned the kid while hubby cleaned the seat. 10 minutes and about 300 wipes later we deemed her the cleanest child ever and got back on the road. Both feeling a little traumatized by what we had just been through neither hubby or I said much for the next few minutes. My wonderful husband broke the silence by saying

"No wonder she was so happy. I would be that happy too if I had just shit my bench press weight!"

And then it was all ok.

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